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Job Description

Being an Inbox Manager means showing up in the inbox on your assigned days to take care of any delegated tasks from your client(s).

With time, our Inbox Managers often become the right-hand person for our clients and the intermediary for all communication on both a micro and macro level. A lot of our clients are looking for a "double," someone to be the representative of their company.

First, we organize the inbox and get the client down to 'inbox zero' so that we are able to work from a clean slate. Next, we learn how to respond (and how to think) like the client, gradually replying to more emails and handling things like scheduling, newsletter creation, customer service, relationship management, or overall team coordination.

We accept clients on a rolling basis and will do our best to match you with clients who are the perfect fit for your unique personality, skill set and interests.

After completing a 30-day training period with one of our training managers (which ensures that you and the client are a good match), you will work one-on-one with your client and communicate with them directly going forward.

You will be compensated for each training period at the designated training rate, after which your rate will increase to the regular working rate.

One question we often receive from interested candidates: Will I need to have background experience or expertise in my client's industry?

The answer is no! You will carefully study the responses and writing style of each client, gradually building up a knowledge base of how to answer the various questions that come in so that they can delegate more decision-making to you. You will also build a variety of organizational systems that can be applied to any inbox and any business. This process can feel overwhelming at the start, but gets easier with each new inbox.

What Else You Need to Know

The InboxDone team is made up of self-employed contractors who communicate with each other primarily through Slack.

Other tools you’ll need include Zoom, LastPass, Calendly and any specified communication tools a client requests.

We have a few minimum requirements for your remote office:

1) An excellent internet connection (with a backup plan in place for power or internet outage)

2) A reliable computer with working camera and microphone

3) A quiet, distraction-free work environment to take calls in

4) The willingness to install and use a password manager and VPN (paid for by InboxDone) during work hours

All contractors are responsible for tracking their time, sending in monthly invoices, and ensuring that they are compliant with the laws and tax regulations in their home country.

Most InboxDone roles start out as part-time and are best described as long-term, supplemental income. They have the potential to become full-time once mastery has been achieved. We recommend gradually increasing your hours with InboxDone alongside your current workload, since a minimum amount of hours are not guaranteed. All positions have a 30-day trial period during which time your output will be evaluated against your effort.

We accept application submissions on a year-round basis so that we always have a database to draw from for incoming clients. If you apply and we don’t have a role for you immediately, please stay open to joining us at a later time, as we regularly review our standby list!

Note: ⚠️ Very important to make it clear, under no circumstances pay to work! If any company asks you to pay for a course or something like that, do not accept the position! ⚠️

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